Projects that base on Geopaparazzi

Gasdroide - Natural Gas Emission Flux Measurements on Android platform

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Disaster Management Information System

The Disaster Management Information System of the city of Osaka is mainly meant for collecting information about water-supply infrastructure to promote post-disaster recovery for water supply.


The same team has also been responsible for the Japanese translation of Geopaparazzi. Kudos!


The TrashMapper is a tool used to keep information about the waste management of a town. Through it it is possible to sample and update information out in the field and then syncronize the data with a central database/webgis.



Trackoid is a mobile system for the geolocalization of small/medium fleets and teams of people (rescue). It is a realtime system with a mobile and server side.

trackoid mobile


trackoid server


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If you are using Geopaparazzi in any flavour we would be proud to list it here with some screenshot. Just drop us a note!