Settings & Preferences

The preferences page is divided in main categories:


Gps Preferences


In the gps preferences it is possible to

  • define the time interval for taking a point when in logging mode
  • define the minimum distance in meters, within the taken gps point is not added to the gps log. This is useful for example in the case in which the user stops during logging and the gps continues to supply points (due to the inaccuracy), while instead the user stands still in a point.
  • have the mapview recentered on the gps position when the position reaces the screen border (usefull while driving)
  • use network based position instead of GPS position. This can be useful for testing purposes. The network based position is by no means precise!

Sms Preferences


It is possible to activate an SMS catcher. If activated, the phone listens to incoming short messages containing the word:


If such a message comes in, the phone answers with an SMS to the incoming number by sending the last known position.

From here it is also possible to insert the panic numbers(s), i.e. the numbers to which a status update is sent when the panic button is pushed.

Screen Preferences


In the screen preferences it is possible to

  • change the map center cross properties (size, color, stroke width)
  • change the mapsforge map text size factor (normal is 1. To make text bigger, increase the value)
  • enable the always screen on mode
  • toggle the use of metric/imperial units
  • enable settings to optimize rendering for high density displays

Spatialite Preferences


In the Spatialite preferences it is possible to enable the Spatialite Recovery Mode

When should Spatialite Recovery Mode be used?

When a new Database has been added and the geometry does not show up, the preference needs to be activated and Geopaparazzi restarted.

On restart faulty entries in the databases will be PERMANENTLY corrected where possible. Since the process might be time consuming, after a recovery, the settings is switched off again.

Custom sdcard path

This can be used for those devices that have more than one external storage recognized by the device. Use it at your own risk. We use it regularly, but it needs to be done properly.

Custom maps folder

If necessary the maps folder location can be modified here. Geopaparazzi needs to be restarted for the setting to be applied.

Force Locale

The locale of Geopaparazzi can be changed regardless of the locale used for Android.

This setting opens a menu in which a locale can be chosen between the available ones:


After that, each newly loaded view will be in the new locale, as for example here in Japanese:


OSM Preferences

To be done...

Geopap-cloud Preferences

To be done...

Routing api key

Here one can set the api keys for MapQuest and Graphhopper to use their routing services as explained in the go to section.