Geopaparazzi. Because not all paparazzis are evil!

Geopaparazzi is a tool developed to do very fast qualitative engineering/geologic surveys.

Even if the main aim is in the field of surveying, it contains tools that can be of great use also to OpenStreetMappers as well as tourists that want to keep a geo-diary.


Geopaparazzi on the Nexus 5

The main aim of Geopaparazzi is to have a tool that:

  • fits in any pocket and can be always at hand, when needed
  • gives the possibility to take georeferenced and possibly orientated pictures during a survey, with further possibility to import them into GIS applications like uDig or QGis
  • is able to easily exploit an internet connection, if available
  • is extremely easy to use and intuitive, providing just few important functionalities

The main features available in Geopaparazzi are:

  • georeferenced notes
  • georeferenced and oriented pictures
  • gps track logging
  • form-based data surveys
  • easy export of collected data
  • a map view for navigation with support for raster tiles and spatialite vector data